Sunday, September 09, 2012

This is Naked Jane Time

Tonight I am having some rare and much needed Naked Jane Time.

This is due, largely, to a conspiracy between Zero Hour and me to get Lex out of the house for just a couple of weekend evening hours so that I could have just a few precious moments (hee hee and ick) all to myself in The Grotto. I'm attempting to relish every last drop of it.

Realistically, I'm not doing anything I wouldn't do if he were here. I'm not actually naked and I'm certainly not doing anything naughty. Although it's possible I am wandering about talking to myself in a normal volume rather than my library voice but I'm not going to say for sure one way or the other just in case you think talking to one's self is full of crazy.

Naw. Mostly what I'm doing is watching youtube videos. Although, earlier, I did something else quite interesting, enlightening and pretty fun.

I decided that, for the first hour Lex was gone, I was going to pay full attention to every single post/link/video/picture posted by my friends on Facebook that appeared in my news feed. As a consequence, I watched a 9+ minute video posted by a co-worker friend of the first few days of his son's life. It was actually pretty awesome! I found myself loving the surprising music he chose for the montage and found several things about it that made me laugh out loud (like, say, how his son just born had this great "what fresh hell is this" look on his face. Amen, brother. A-fucking-men). I took a phenomenal political quiz to find out whether or not I was more or less liberal than Obama. For the record, I'm WAY more liberal than Obama -which I knew - but, in truth, that's not particularly hard to be. Obama, for the record, is more conservative than any of the talking heads would have you believe. Which is why I was a staunch Hillary supporter in 2008. The reason the quiz was great though was because it posed several issues (21) Obama has faced in his tenure as Mr. President and then asked how I would have decided each issue. It really got me to thinking about how I thought about each issue.

Let's not talk politics though since Naked TimeTM is so short.

I also read a fabulous article about the world's most tattooed man in history and read the transcript (because the video wouldn't load for me) of a TED talk about transforming the human body with technology.  I also read a fascinating article about decision fatigue and how, when given too many choices - as we so often are, we stress ourselves out and make ourselves sick.

And I was struck with how brilliant, well-rounded, and interesting all my friends are as each one attempts to call my attention to the glorious workings of the world at large through their links/photos/videos. Now I'm wondering what I've missed, all the while knowing I won't ever be able to keep up the pace of paying this kind of attention to all the things.

And then, because I could, I spent the next hour watching youtube videos.

It is common knowledge among my friends and me that They Might Be Giants' song Birdhouse in Your Soul is impossible to hear without smiling and singing along.

BUT! Did you know the same is true - at least with the smiling part - about watching OK Go videos? Seriously. If you are late to the OK Go video party, let me just say that every single video they've put out (that I've watched) produces one helluva Jane grin. All of them have something uniquely, nerdy, math geekery awesome about them that I can't even pick a favorite. Even if it isn't your kind of music, the videos are so AMAZING I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU! So I'm going to post the least watched - but PLEASE! watch them all...mostly because the music reminds me of early the-artist-presently-but-also-formerly-known-as-symbol-and-Prince...

That then led me on a goose chase - it'd be a wild goose chase if I hadn't found it - video of my all-time favorite car commercial because #himself whose posting of a Nike commercial circa 2000 (I think) featuring rhythm reminded me of it.

And now...OMG! I have to hurry because Lex is due home 'round midnight!!!! And I've just spent the last hour of naked time talking to you all and I shall have to turn into a fully clothed pumpkin way too soon, I'll give you this brief update...

The anniversary of Andy's passing is over. There are other significant dates coming up...the day we met, his birthday, the day he proposed...but this worst one is over. I slept through a good portion of it. 

I'm OK. A little worse for wear but OK thanks, in large part, to a couple of non-husbands who knew and a decidedly non-non-husband who didn't until after the fact.

One last naked - oh so naked - thought...

It is both awesome and awful to fully realize your reality is someone else's vacation...especially when you'd prefer your reality was someone's stay-cation. Truth.


Unknown said...

Neat! I had "Needing/Getting" stuck in my head all day yesterday. So I guess maybe there was some kind of OK Go vibes floating around.

On a more serious note, my little brother's birthday just happened, which is a lot easier to deal with than the anniversary of his death. For his birthday, I like to try to go out and do something adventurous or new, but on his deathday I haven't figured out what to do with myself aside from walk around with a storm cloud over my head. So anyway, I can commiserate on how it feels to go through those dates on the calendar. Give yourself a hug for me.

Gaelyn said...

I need a Truly "Naked" day, soon.
Is this season over yet. I want to Not work for a while.

Masked Mom said...

For some (not too mysterious) reason, OK Go videos always remind me of what we in Miss Johnson's Algebra II class called the "Geek Olympics." We would entertain ourselves with "events" like pushing the 1+1 on the calculator and then seeing who could hit = the most number of times in 60 seconds and so on. If we had been free to move about the classroom, I have no doubt that the result would've resembled an OK Go--without quite so much awesome, of course.

I thoroughly loved that car commercial when it was out--and all the more so now that I see that the woman in the car is the same woman who is playing the evil double agent on Covert Affairs this season. She rocks at evil, let me tell ya'.

(PS--Grief still sucks. I am glad you made it through the anniversary though--I wholly embrace sleep as a coping mechanism. For what that's worth.)