Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jane's Lament

Really, Jane? Really?

Why tonight?

You'd think after he'd been dead for a year and a half that his ghost would somehow fade and I'd be set free.

Not so freakin' much.

Maybe it's because death...or just grief in in the air. After all, even though I know none of the deceased or guilty, there's the verdict in this case that came down today and the trial in this case that spawned this blog entry that most likely went to the jury today. People I've never met and am yet still touched by profoundly.

But Jesus. Is my heart ever going to stop hurting over him? 20 years is a long freaking time, Andy. Isn't it time to let me go?

I'm starting to suspect...not so much.

I miss you. And I'm so sorry.


modchen said...

we carry them with us, don't we.

Just Jane said...

It's still surprising where he pops up and when.

MsSparrow said...

I hate to say this but no, it never goes away. It's been 14 years next month since Taylor died and I still miss him. A lot. There are days when he is all I can think about and it's terribly annoying especially given how happy I am now. And yet...