Monday, December 12, 2011

Silly Things Excite Me


I have something to show you. And I'm so excited about it. It's completely weird and awesome and I feel somewhat triumphant although I've had nothing to do with it. And now y'all will know just what a freak I am but...

Last night, at Owen's Birthday Bash, Acr0nym captured a picture.

A picture of the back of my head.

And this picture? It makes me so happy! Although, when Acr0nym showed it to me for the first time and I went, "Holy shitsnax!" he thought maybe he'd done something wrong. He hadn't. He'd done something just exactly right.

Witness: The Silver Fox.

And before you ask, yes, that is all natural curl (the bane of my teenage existence) and no, I don't really have a lot of hair...I just have a really big nugget and yes, I need a haircut (next week it's scheduled) and yes, I slouch. My posture is terrible.

Still...YOU GUYS! My Hair! It's going silver!!! In glorious sheets of glistening grey!

I had absolutely no idea there was such a stark contrast between front/side and back. (Clearly my worries and crazy haven't yet hit my backside...of my head anyway.)

It's kinda...if you squint real hard...a little punk rock! No wonder my stylist won't let me apply a drop of color to it. It'''s REALLY COOL! (How do you like all that emphasis?)

WOOO HOOO! Look at all that GREY!

Shuddup. Stop laughing (Delta Bravo, I'm totally looking at you o_O).

It's the little things, y'all.

I know. I know. You think this is weird. I AM weird. That's the best part.


Anonymous said...

I ain't laughin', kid! I'm rockin' the silver too!

spux said...

I dig yer silver locks

TangledLou said...

I think that's magnificent! I am in the process of owning my own silver foxiness and I'm afraid a photo of the back of my head would reveal unfortunate multicolored madness. I aspire, though. In a few months and a few haircuts perhaps I will have the glorious satin silver locks like yours. Not curly, though, so alas, I'm still jealous.

Just Jane said...

@Spux: Ditto :)

@Periphery: Don't be jealous of the curls. Not unless you've always wanted to appear windblown...and not in the good way lol. YAY! Rock the silver, Girl! It's awesome!

NGS said...

It's beautiful. I'm trying to just grey naturally with no dye. I will emulate you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Pics like this are why I hemmed and hawed about to color/not to color. My hair is curly like yours, and I was digging the gray. Until I wasn't. I finally am digging the curls, though. That took long enough.

Gaelyn said...

You have beautiful hair. I love my silver feathers. And am envious of the natural curl because I have poker straight hair.

Just Jane said...

NGS: It's much easier just not to start with the hair dye to cover the grey. Trust me.

Word Nerd: I hear you on the curls! I didn't fully appreciate what I had until I was in my early 30's.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I have a hankering to allow my hair to go natural, too. My teenaged daughter, however, is horrified at the thought. Three years until she leaves home and then, may the white/grey/wise hair kick in!

You are an inspiration!

Masked Mom said...

Look at you in all your silvery weird glory. ;)

Mine is still mostly dark with silvery white strands here and there. Several people have thought I had paint or glitter stuck in my hair and tried to help me get it out.

alienbody said...

My hair, although not silver, is much like yours...naturally very curly. Even now that it is super short, it is still curly. Love the hair!

Anonymous said...

I love your silver, it is beautiful! I've got gray sprouting everywhere throughout my hair, and so many people ask me if I plan to dye it. HECK NO! I have no intentions of dying my grays. I've waited all these years to see them! :)


The Shiftless Wanderer said...

Gorgeous!! I love the silver and the curls! Silver fox is right!!!

cdnkaro said...

I love it! I've earned every single one of my silber hairs, and I'm proud of them...though it would be nice if they came in streaks, or with curls, like your awesomeness:)