Monday, January 30, 2012

Here's the Thing...

The first date happened. Sooner than we'd planned. Differently than we'd talked about. There was most definitely much more phlegm than I'd intended.

And it was really really really good. Better than I could have hoped for, better than he expected. We like each other. A lot.

I believe him when he tells me he likes me. There is evidence - strong evidence - to support it. He even likes the crazy. We laughed over the crazy when I told him, "You know, as I was coming to meet you, I thought to myself, 'what if I'm not the Jane he was looking for? How awkward will it be when I show up and I'm not THE Jane?"

He laughed, "I only know one Jane. There was no mistake. We have met, you know. We've talked. We're friends. I know who you are."

Who would have thunk?

Here's the thing. He and I, we know a lot of people. We know a lot of the same people. And there are going to be judgments.

"What are you doing with HER?!"

"What are you doing with HIM?!"

Judgments. Ugly, ugly judgments.

About me. I suspect there will be several.

About him. I now know one person will say it - or, at the very least, think it. To you, I say shoosh.

Here's the thing...I don't care.

I have the green light from Lex, from Acr0nym. The two non-husbands concur. Go for it.

Spux, the first skipper, is likely giddy over it.

Above and beyond my own opinion, those are the ONLY opinions that carry any weight with me. If there are opinions that carry any weight with him - beside his own - I don't know but, I'm pretty certain, it wouldn't matter to him.

We like each other. We're kinda insufferably mooshy with each other...already. It's early. And it's right.'s the thing. If you don't like it? Keep it to yourself.


alienbody said...


The shortest comment I've made (seen above the p.s.) has THE longest word verification: alksiogi. Just thought you should know.

Hot damn!


Gaelyn said...

The only opinion that matters is yours. I'm happy for your happiness.

cdnkaro said...

I agree with Gaelyn. So glad it went well:) Yay Jane!!! Flailing arms must work some kind of magic...I'm thinking a butterfly effect kinda thing? You flail your arms in one place, and it brings the guy you like closer to you? Interesting.


Elizabeth said...

I was so confused cause I thought led was your SO! Lol good for you,have fun!!!

Jenn and Casey said...

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Glad it went well. And hope you're feelign better ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know him, but I like it. Lots.

Ernie Hendrix said...

"insufferably mooshy" sounds wonderful to me. Enjoy it.

(Ms.) Ernie

Bon said...

The obvious reason is that I don't want to experience better living through chemistry.

I hear you. I have some anxiety and crowd issues, my ownself. And no, thank you for drugs to treat them.


2 related reasons.
One, I can (mostly) deal.It isn't at crippling, QOL reduction levels.

Two? Because they work on the head meat. And what if I take them and the thing in my head, that monkey with the typewriter? What if its killed?
Just, no.

RE: Date

He is full of extra points, indeed!


I'm so glad that you had a good first date. I can't wait to hear more "We had an amazingly good time at XYZ doing ABC" type stories. :) :)


I've been struggling for the past 20 minutes with the word verification thingie. Which is why the comment for two different posts are in one area.

*pained face*

Kelly Robinson said...

There's a LOT to be said about gut instinct. It's overthinking that'll get ya. Go with the gut!

Julie DeMille said...

To hell with the judgers. (I know that's not a word, the computer keeps telling me.) A great first date is rare. Sounds like he is, too.

TangledLou said...

All very big smiles here. And I second what Jewels said. (Judgers should totally be a word.)
But seriously, you have to ask yourself ("Do you feel lucky?" - no, not that! Pipe down, Clint Eastwood!)
OK, so maybe Clint is a little right. But you have to ask yourself the following questions:
Do they live in your head? No.
Do they live your life, are they responsible for the outcome? No.
Do they have to be in this relationship? No.
So, do they really get an opinion? No.

Masked Mom said...

I think relationships are a mystery--often even to the people IN them--so there's no way anyone is qualified to judge them from the outside. Glad it went so well! :)

Laine Griffin said...

Jane, I don't like it.