Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kickball and Mixed Salty Nuts

So, if dating is like a big game of kickball, I am consistently playing in the outfield.

Yeah, I'm that girl, standing way way way away from the action, who is constantly pushing up her glasses and chewing on a renegade hangnail. I occasionally have skinned knees.

So, when the ball gets kicked in my direction, I'm likely to flail my arms wildly - once I realize the ball's headed straight for me - and run in a zig zag pattern as though I were attempting to escape an alligator attack. But not because I want to escape a date.

It just, you know, catches me off guard and my initial reaction is to panic. Mostly because I know nothing about boys. I know TONS about relationships. I just don't anything about boys.

Regardless, I got asked out on a date today.

I. Did. Not. See. This. Ball. Coming.

Luckily, it was via e-mail so he couldn't see A) my sinus-infected moon face complemented by two sinus-infection caused black eyes or B) me running in a zig zag pattern, flailing my arms and yelling "Big Arms! Big Arms!"

So, I'm going on a date. But not until I stop looking and feeling like I was on the losing end of a prize fight. And, if there's an alligator attack in the mean time, I'll have practiced.

No, really. I swear. I'm 40. My birthday certificate and my mother say so.

And now, because I can, this picture came across Facebook today and I had to share it.

I subsequently sent it to Lex and asked him if he had anything he and Vinny wanted to tell me. *ahem*


Gaelyn said...

Far out! A date.

Could you wash the black cat hair off that bra before you wear it, on your date.

TangledLou said...

Way to go! I have always done pretty much the same thing. I just flailed into the right person and he was so busy flailing he didn't notice and it was kinda too late by then.

So, a date... what fun! What fun! Will you let him get to second base? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kickball reference. Get it?!
vw: barks. Oh yes.

Diva said...

Aaaaaand BAM! When you least expect it....

That's the secret, you know: No expectations. *grin* *zing* *hug*

OYG, what are you gonna wear?!

cdnkaro said...

Huge grins over here, and not just cause I'm picturing your flailing arms (though that was rather amusing). First dates always make me very nervous and embarrassed- I spend a lot of time blushing because I can't hide my emotions. Maybe Frank will lend you his bra? I think leopard-print undergarments would give anyone confidence!

Masked Mom said...

I have been married for nearly 25 years. When someone asks me the secret to a lasting marriage, I'm going to start telling the truth: fear (no, terror) of first dates. ;)

Can't wait to hear how it goes.

The Host said...

Boys aren't that complicated, they're just like dumb girls who smell bad. But they do make good jar openers.

Have a great time!

Kelly Robinson said...

I used to feel that if dating was a game of kickball, then I was the actual kickball!

Have a ball, no pun intended.

Laine Griffin said...

Sweetness!!! I'm excited for you.