Sunday, January 01, 2012

You Found Me How: 2011 Special Edition

It's that time again - one of my favorite entries to write every month - the month-end You Found Me How?! whereby I mine my analytics for all those whacky keyword searches that landed some of you kooky kids on a Jane In Her Infinite Wisdom post.

Today, however, since it is a special day, I'm taking the liberty to present to you the Top 10 Best (or Worst) of 2011.

Ready? Here we go!

10) "naps are awesome". Yes, yes they are. Thanks for stopping by and do come again but please call first next time. I'm likely taking a nap.

9) "playing specifically under my piano sucked". I...uh...yes, I suppose it probably did...especially if it was an upright piano. Those suckers are heavy!

8) "findmefreaks". No. Freaks, apparently, find droves. I'm afraid you're on your own.

7) "
sneezing hankie women fetish". Honestly? I got nothin'.

6) "pudding in my bra". Mmmm...pudding. But please not in my bra.

"does onion help grow facial hair". I don't know but it would sure explain a lot.

4) "andy rooney looks like a turtle". I don't care to speak ill of the dead nor do I ever recall stating I believed Andy Rooney looked like a turtle (although he kinda did). But I do remember talking about his spectacular eyebrows.

3) "barista ball gag". I would advise strongly against gagging your barista.

2) "blowing snot on bare soles". Wait...what? I swear, this is not one of THOSE blogs. Please refer to #8. The freaks truly do find me.

"jane box congress". Let's keep congress out of my vagina, shall we?


alienbody said...

That darned congress, always gettin' all up in our vajayjay's like they own the damn place. My key word searches aren't nearly as interesting. :-)

cdnkaro said...

LOVE IT! I want to check mine- how do I do it??

Anonymous said...

I jotted down some of my more interesting ones in December. None as interesting as "barista ball gag." though.

danneromero said...

too funny. i am going to pay attention to how people found me...

Just Jane said...

cdnkaro: I use Google Analytics for this specific purpose but you can also find them in the Blogger dashboard stats. Look at the Traffic Sources tab :). It's great fun!

alienbody: Now that you're blogging more regularly, Google will index more and more of your posts and you'll start getting very strange keyword searches. I guarantee it.

danneromero: I do hope you'll consider playing along! It's an awful lot of fun. Usually, I do my top 3 for the month but since it was the end of the year, I thought that warranted a top 10.

Kelly Robinson said...

Saw you on Word Nerd. I knew by your comments you'd be hilarious! I'm so following. I post my odd search terms on Facebook sometimes, and might blog them eventually. "Man who lived his life by fortune cookie fortunes" is a recent fave.

Lucy said...

I love this kind of posts. It is so interesting to see how or what people search but I have never checked mine out, I think I am afraid to see how people find me LOL

Masked Mom said...

It's wrong--and a little weird--to be envious of other people's analytics, right? ;)