Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Didn't Any of You Mention It?!

I have an announcement.

While likely not an earth-shattering announcement to those of you who are actually paying attention to, say, The World, it was, indeed, a particularly stunning realization for me this morning.

It is November.

I'll let you sit with the weight of that for just a moment.

Not only that but it is also mid-November and I'm just today waking up to this fact.

Now, let's just skip over the part where surely I must have been aware of its November-ness given that I've been participating in NaBloPoMo for a full 10 days and, since this is my third NaBloPoMo, I most assuredly know that means it's November, right?

Sure! Yes, of course I know this and even planned ahead for it.

What did not occur to me is that my second most favorite holiday of the year (second only to National Pie Day) is literally a week from today. And no, Americans, I'm not off my rocker and completely miscalculating when Thanksgiving falls. Thanksgiving is not my second most favorite holiday.

That distinction goes to Beaujolais Nouveau Day. [This link takes you to the article I wrote for Zane Lamprey's Drinking Made Easy website. This may or may not be, depending on the strictness of your employer's internet policy, safe for work. No nudity but it is all about liquor.]

And no, I'm not even remotely French. I just love wine and love to celebrate it.

For the last few years, I've thrown a supper party in celebration. Last year's party (and I do recommend you read last year's summary post - I'd completely forgotten about the feather boa - or, at the very least, the menu post to understand what I'm talking about) was a Perfect Moment in my life.

But when it dawned on me today that Beaujolais Nouveau Day was NEXT WEEK, somehow that knowledge felt...heavy. I went so far as to e-mail the Divatologist to tell her I didn't think I had it in me this year to plan and execute such a grand event.

For one, Brad and Jeff, my delicious co-hosts from last year, have parted company. A fact to which I've still not reconciled myself.

Secondly, the weight of the financial cost is extraordinary. Last year, Jeff bore some of the costly burden of that party, thankfully. This year, after having made the commitment to pay off my debt, I am struggling with how I might still be able to throw the party economically while adhering to a pretty tight rein on my funds.

Last, as some of you well know, The Grotto is not conducive to this type of fancy affair. I have seating for the folding table and on folding chairs in Lex's RPG room. Not to mention the fact that the seating is also in a basement apartment and not well appointed with artwork (the concrete walls aren't particularly accommodating). I may not have a lick of artistic talent but I'm sensitive to it.

The thought of the Beaujolais Nouveau Party then has me feeling tired. And it shouldn't! A celebration should be energizing, exciting, wonderful! And the thought of NOT doing it, especially after re-reading the entries from last year and particularly this post I wrote during #reverb10 about community, has me feeling sad about the possibility of ignoring it.

I love this day - Beaujolais Nouveau Day. I love my friends - especially those who love wine and want to celebrate it. Mostly though, I love how celebrations and putting a successful one together makes me feel...loved.

So...what do I do? Throw the party at The Grotto? Beg a better appointed friend to host (I'll do the cooking)? Ignore that there should even be a party and then get drunk on a bottle of the stuff by myself (this is not out of the realm of realistic possibility)?

I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

Right now, I'm thinking of my homemade marinara and the kickass lasagna I could make with it. I'm also thinking about pajamas and how much I love being in them.

Maybe I throw a combination Beaujolais Nouveau-Lasagna-Pajama Party. That sounds fun...


I me. I don't know what to do.

PS I have hiccups.


Unknown said...

Sitting in my p.j.s reading this, smart aleck me wants to go along with the slumber party. When I plan a party I tend to go through the "I'm too tired why did I do this" phase at some point before returning to the excited phase.

None of this is helping you, is it? If the party doesn't happen, there's always manana.

How do I get a tilde to show on manana? Need more coffee...

Let us know what you decide, Janey!

Just Jane said...

Actually...I'm seriously contemplating the comfie clothes dress code. The spirit of Beaujolais Nouveau Day is, after all, about celebrating the harvest and marking the beginning of fall and comfort and less busy times.

PS You get the tilde to show up over the "n" by typing ALT+164 instead of the "n". Try it. You'll see :).